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Decrease the time it takes to develop, deploy, and maintain 3D and 2D multi-camera applications

The Cognex 8704e is a new 4-port GigE Frame Grabber card available for use with Cognex and third-party cameras. It is the recommended GigE interface card for all new vision software applications going forward for organizations building their own industrial PCs for machine vision.

This card interfaces with up to four Cognex Industrial Cameras or third-party GigE cameras to your PC. It is qualified by Cognex for use with Cognex software and hardware. Cognex Designer and VisionPro software are included with the purchase of this card.



  • Interface 1 to 4 Cognex Industrial Cameras or third-party GigE Vision Cameras to your PC for single or multi-camera vision development
  • 4 independent channels with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) allow for simultaneous, 4-channel acquisition with no additional power cables needed
  • PCI Express compliant
  • Jumbo Frames
  • Integrated License Security is built into this hardware for Cognex Designer, VisionPro, and Cognex vision tools to replace previous hardware dongles that can become misplaced or compromised at organizations.

Software Included

The latest release of Cognex Designer Vision Software for machine vision application development is included with this hardware. The hardware also includes the latest VisionPro Vision software for access to the complete library of Cognex vision tools, including PatMax AutoTune.

Typical Cameras/Sensors Ordered Together

This frame grabber is typically ordered with Cognex cameras or sensors (Cognex CIC Industrial Cameras for 2D multi-camera applications and/or Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors for 3D applications), or third-party 2D cameras that support the GigE standard. You may also order this hardware together with the Cognex CC24 I/O card if you need I/O or factory floor integration.

Cognex ready-to-go vision system now available

The 8704e is suitable for those building their own industrial PC system. For users that are ready to obtain a pre-qualified, ready-to-go vision system, Cognex now provides complete vision software systems available with the Cognex VC5 Vision Controller. The VC5 contains the capabilities of the 8704e among many other capabilities as described on the VC5 product page.

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